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ICYMI: with 'Colossal', Anne Hathaway is officially likeable again
Written by
Nick Dent

Let's be clear: Time Out has never bought into all this antipathy towards Anne Hathaway (stop being a jerk, internet) but it has been a while since she appeared in a movie that we were flat-out excited to see. Interstellar was three years ago, and while we wanted to believe in her friendship with Robert De Niro in The Intern, that hotel room scene was just, well, creepy. 

So it's pleasant to report that Hathaway, no stranger to redemption narratives, is well and truly on the road to redeeming herself to the haters with a movie in which she plays both an alcoholic loser recently dumped by her boyfriend... and a giant rampaging monster threatening to level Seoul. 

Upcoming sci-fi-indie comedy Colossal plays this demented concept for all it's worth. It's the work of Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo, who made a zero-budget time-travel masterpiece called Timecrimes (seek it out).

Anyway, Colossal opens on April 13 – you can see it at Palace and Dendy Cinemas plus a few independents. Here's our review, and here's the trailer.

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