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Is this the most Melbourne card game ever?

Touched on Game
Photograph: Dyl and Oscar

A pair of Melbourne graphic designers, Dylan Thorn and Oscar Jackson, has come up with the ingenious way to play with fire fare evade without the risk of a hefty fine from the public transport inspectors. 

In a video explaining the game concept, the creators explain that Touched On is a game where two or more players set off to rack up as few fines as possible and try to catch out their friends on the way. Each player is given a tram line number and are dealt fare evaders and authorised inspectors (side note: they look a little like Muppets) who are undercover and in uniform. To avoid a fine, each player are supposed to get rid of their cards as fast as possible by jumping on and off trams and switching lines. 

For the record, the creators of the game do not condone fare evasion, as their game description says that Touched On is a party game of "accidental fare evasion and undercover inspectors". Unfortunately for those of you who like to live on the edge, you can't play Touched on just yet because Thorn and Jackson have only just finished their Kickstarter campaign and pre-orders for the game have not yet started. Stay up to date on their website.  

Touched On from Dyl & Oscar on Vimeo.

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