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Haymarket Roundabout
Photograph: Schwede66 / Wikipedia

Melbourne’s roundabout of death is getting another upgrade
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Peak hour driving is stressful at the best of times. Add onto that a roundabout that boasts four entry points, three tram stops, nine sets of traffic lights, several pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and an estimated 25,000 vehicles per day, and you’ve got yourself a nightmare-riddled drive.  

We’re of course talking about Haymarket roundabout, located just north of the CBD where Elizabeth Street, Flemington Road, Peel Street and Royal Parade intersect. It’s long been dubbed the ‘roundabout of death’ by Melburnians (and Wikipedia!) thanks to the combo of confusing line markings, unsuspecting trams and round-the-clock traffic which often makes it a battle for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and trams. Not to mention how easy it is to screw it all up and end up going back the way you came.

Even the recent $2.4 million upgrades made to the roundabout in 2011 – which included the addition of more traffic lights and dedicated bike lanes – haven’t managed to make a dent to the congestion. But thankfully, there might be light at the end of the tunnel.   

The state government has announced they’ll be putting $100,000 towards a business case to improve the safety of the intersection. Their goal is to find a happy medium for everyone, which might mean separated bike lanes, upgraded pedestrian crossings and a priority put towards public transport. Fingers crossed this means the days of cheating death daily are close to over.

Via The Age.

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