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Royal Stacks has launched a food truck with built-in augmented reality

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Melbourne burger royalty Royal Stacks has today announced they’ll be taking their daily-baked brioche buns, juicy patties and potato gems on the road with the launch of their very own food truck.

The Royal Stacks food truck officially launches on Thursday November 2 but that’s not all for this humble burger joint. Royal Stacks have also announced that their new food truck will have a built-in augmented reality experience.  

You may already be familiar with the Royal Stacks burger-stacking app, which lets you stack the ingredients of a burger onto a bread bun without toppling the entire burger over. Now, the app will be incorporated into your burger buying experience. You’ll be able to order your burg directly through the app and then turns your phone into a buzzer alerting you to when your meal is ready.

That’s when the augmented reality kicks in. You’ll be able to view the Royal Stacks food truck through your camera’s phone in a kind of Pokémon Go-like experience. While we don’t know exactly how this will play out, it’s definitely intriguing.  

The food truck officially launches at Whitehart Bar on Thursday November 2 where it will stay until Sunday November 5. The app will be available from Wednesday November 1. 

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