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House of Mirrors Sydney Festival 03
Photograph: Anna KuceraHouse of Mirrors at Sydney Festival 2017

The disorienting House of Mirrors installation is coming to Bendigo Art Gallery

Rose Johnstone

First it was a highlight at last year's Dark MOFO in Hobart, then it came to ensnare Sydney Festival-goers in January this year.

Finally, Melburnians will have the chance to encounter House of Mirrors as it makes its way to the Bendigo Art Gallery in April.

House of Mirrors is a confusing, claustrophobic labyrinth of endless mirrors that made its debut as part of MONA's Dark MOFO in 2016. Made from 40 tonnes of steel and 15 tonnes of mirrored glass, the installation – created by Melbourne artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney – is designed in such a way that visitors can often see others in the maze, but not themselves, and the other way around. Several steps in, it becomes impossible to maintain a sense of direction – and that's when the confusion begins to set in. 

Here's what Time Out Sydney had to say when they visited House of Mirrors at Sydney Festival:

"Navigating this maze of mirrors and optical illusions is especially fun after dark... and the experience is ever more disorienting if you've had a few cocktails beforehand. We were told it's possible to complete the maze in 60 seconds – but where's the fun in that? Our tips are to spend a bit of time playing with the illusions, then to stumble around until you creep yourself or your companions out, before finding your way back out again.

In our experience, you haven't truly survived the House of Mirrors until you've jumped out of your skin – spooked by your own reflection."

House of Mirrors will be installed in Rosalind Park, Bendigo from April 7-30 2017.

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