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The team from Underground Cinema are doing a feast/interactive game and it sounds intense

Feast of the Deceiver

It's called Feast of the Deceiver, it's happening in early September, and if we're honest, it sounds a little bit terrifying. Tickets go on sale today (Wednesday August 10) at 1pm, and if we were you, we'd be falling over ourselves to score a ticket.

Secret Squirrel, the folks behind the immersive cinema sensation Underground Cinema, have announced their next project. As usual, they've only offered the tastiest little morsel of information. They've described Feast of the Deceiver as "a provocative, intimate, immersive dining experience which fuses intelligent game theory and live theatre over a six-course sumptuous feast".  

What does that mean, exactly? Let's dive a little deeper: the dinner-slash-game-slash-theatre-piece, otherwise known as the Ritual of the Deceiver will take place in the Black Hall (location unknown). Dress is formal. There will be no phones allowed, and guests are required to participate in the game alongside fellow strangers ("do not expect to sit with those known to you: the game cannot be predicted"). Unfortunately for those with dietary requirements, the menu can't cater to any special requests. The game and feast will run for several hours, with an afterparty with live music to follow. 

Are you game? If so, head to the website and claim your place at the table.