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This is probably as close as you're ever going to get to our Kylie

Written by
Meg Crawford

Kylie fans unite! The Arts Centre Melbourne is gearing up for another Kylie Minogue exhibition in late September, called Kylie on Stage. The exhibition will draw from the Arts Centre's very own Performing Arts Collection – a whopping treasure trove of over 600,000 items spanning music, theatre, dance, opera, circus and popular entertainment, which includes La Minogue's fabled gold hot pants. Yep, these babies:

Kylie hot pants

We've seen them – they're even teenier, tinier than you'd expect.

To sift through the Performing Arts Collection, which is out of bounds to the public, you need access to the underbelly of the Arts Centre. You enter by way of a loading bay and a security door befitting a bank: it feels like you’re about to enter the Bat Cave. Happily, the rest of us plebs get to have a gander at the treasures that dwell beneath on a regular basis when the Arts Centre plays host to its fabulous public and free exhibitions, including the next one where our Kyles gets an outing.

It's not the first time the Arts Centre has exhibited Kylie's costumes – the last time was a decade ago, but after the Arts centre's loving and respectful treatment of her garments, Kylie donated a significant portion of her touring wardrobe to it again last year for safe keeping. Set to open in late September this year, we expect that the new exhibition, Kylie on Stage, will be suitably fabulous – promising already to show designer, glittery garb from Galliano, Gaultier, D&G and Lagerfeld. Sadly, Kylie's hot pants are not going to be making another appearance in this exhibition though, which will focus on her stage costumes, including this showgirl beauty:

Kylie on Stage. Arts Centre Melbourne. Sep 21-Jan 22.

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