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National Pet Adoption Day
Photograph: Carmen Zammit

We cuddled a litter of puppies for National Pet Adoption Day

Written by
Delima Shanti

In case you missed it, Sunday February 5 was National Pet Adoption Day, and pet supply chain PETstock teamed up with animal rescue organisation PetRescue to raise awareness of pet adoption and help the thousands of homeless pets around Australia find their forever homes. Every year, approximately 230,000 cats and dogs go unclaimed in Australia's pounds and shelters, and if just one in five pet seekers chose to adopt rather than shop for an animal, pet homelessness would be greatly reduced. Pet Rescue co-founder Vickie Davy says, "animals who find themselves homeless are still good pets. Most commonly, it is the owner's change in lifestyle that results in pets becoming abandoned, as opposed to behavioural issues with the animal". 

Recently Dana Emery, a foster carer from Homeless Hounds Animal Rescue, paid the Time Out Melbourne office a visit in the lead-up to National Pet Adoption Day, bringing along with her a litter of mix-breed puppies as well as a pair of her own rescued Dogue de Bordeaux mastiffs. Our photographer Carmen Zammit (who previously shot the annual dachshund race for us), took photos of the visit in all its adorable glory.

1. Release the hounds! These Homeless Hounds puppies weren't too sure about jumping out of the boot.  

2. Yep. We were pretty damn excited about the new recruits.

3. True story: being mauled by puppies is quite delightful. 

4. Mastiffs Kale and Indi weren't the puppies' parents, but they definitely led the pack.    

 5. For those still following, some of these mix-breed pups still need forever homes. And yes, you want these sweet faces in your home.

6. Indi has had a great relationship with her foster friends from their early days with Homeless Hounds.

 7. We do love our orange-haired friends here at Time Out.

8. TBH it's going to be pretty hard to top this work day.

9. These guys were a little tuckered out after the day's excitement and all the pats.

10. Thanks for the visit Homeless Hounds!

If you're want to help dogs find a home or if you're interested in fostering homeless dogs before they find their forever homes, head to PetRescue for more information and to find your nearest animal rescue organisation. And if you're thinking of taking one of these little pups home, get in touch with Dana Emery from Homeless Hounds

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