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You can now take an Uber home from the airport
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Need a ride home from the airport? No longer will you have to cheekily say you're at the airport-adjacent Maccas to get an Uber home, because the Melbourne Airport is officially opening the floodgates to Uber today.

Passengers will now be able to request UberX cars from all terminals and be picked up in two approved wait zones within the airport forecourt. International and domestic passengers at T1, T2 and T3 will be able to hail their Uber from a dedicated pickup zone at lane one of the main terminal forecourt. And if you’re coming from T4 – aka those of us who fly Jetstar and Tiger – you can head to level two of the Transport Hub.  

This also means if you’re catching an Uber to the airport, you can be dropped off anywhere in the Departures section with no dramas.

It’s important to note that if you do choose to Uber from the airport, you’ll have to pay a $4 airport access charge.       

Taxi drivers are, understandably, a little pissed. Disgruntled drivers were seen blockading roads to the airport in protest this morning. It comes after long battles between Melbourne taxi drivers and the Government over taxi licences.

Via The Age. 

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