Becky Lucas: Baby

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4 out of 5 stars
Becky Lucas, comedian

Making out with your mum and other mistakes that are easy to make in the weird and wonderful world of Becky Lucas

Comedian Becky Lucas has her own yardstick. Namely, handfuls of uncooked pasta can be used to measure penis girth. But more than that, Lucas is her own yardstick in that she’s in a league completely of her own. And her sophomore (but not sophomoric) show, Baby, currently running at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, is nothing short of miraculous. 

Why? Because like an embryo in the fifth week of development (team with the theme!), Lucas’ comedy has backbone. Sure, every punchline may be trailed with her signature, withering laugh, but you can tell she fundamentally doesn’t care if you’re impressed with her or not. Ironically, given the title of her show, Lucas has the confidence and jadedness of a comedian double her age. And it works, because her sense of self is equally formed. You can tell she’s worked the material, honed her craft the result is a voice that is equal parts defiant and jovial. She’s a smiling assassin – the demon baby that seems cute at first, but in actuality, has some dark-as-hell plans for you. 

Lucas also clearly has good taste in poor taste. Her whip-smart self-deprecations and worldly observations never go to the obvious place. Like having sex with a backpack on, she shirks expectations at every turn. Again, Lucas is a babyfaced sneak attack: her setups are pure ‘girl next door’, but her punchlines are variously filthy, pitch black or just complete non-sequiturs. It’s a joyous and eyebrow-raising ride.

And in the great tradition of observational comedy, Lucas has tonnes of pithy, take-home concepts. One stand out is the ‘Abomination Theory’: the idea that there are individuals out there in the world that could be your doppelgänger, only a tad uglier. The great equaliser, perhaps. Until your friends mistake you for your own ‘abomination’. Tough times.

This is a fantastic work. Wise beyond its years, yet fresh-faced and sparky. Lucas also apologised for being off her game due to illness. So we can only imagine what this show on a full tank would be like.

Baby is precious cargo. And Becky Lucas is a total treasure. Go along and gush.


By: Time Out editors

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