Celeste Barber

Comedy, Stand Up
Celeste Barber looking to camera wearing an off-the-shoulder top
Photograph: Supplied

Time Out says

Australia’s most famous Instagram realist brings her hilarious #ChallengeAccepted skits to Hamer Hall

Central Coast comedian Celeste Barber is known for her self-deprecating, and rib-snortingly funny Instagram influencer parodies. She’s parodied real life celebs like Kim K, Gwenyth Paltrow and J-Lo by posing in almost exactly the same positions as they do in these highly styled pics, but using everyday items as props. Celeste’s head squeezed into a polka dot stocking to mimic Elizabeth Moss is one of our faves. Either that or falling into the pool as Beyoncé. It’s a tough call.

But it’s hard to tell the anti-influencer from the bone fide #instaceleb and #busymum. Barber’s rise to ‘funniest woman on Instagram’ (as crowned by Vogue in 2018) means she’s now posting LOLs to 5.8 million followers each day. And those parodied celebs call her a friend – including model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and fashion designer Tom Ford. 

If you’ve missed her #challengeaccepted videos on YouTube, which is where Barber really shines, check out the ‘What’s in my bag?’ Victoria Beckham takedown in which we see a realist Aussie mum rifle through tampons compared to Posh Spice’s crystal collection. It’s the Challenge Accepted series that Barber has morphed into a stand-up comedy show, which she’s touring around the world – and now bringing home to Melbourne in September. 

Get your low-budget outfits ready for the Hamer Hall show – bring your #hothusband (or not) – and film your own 73 Questions, Vogue style, on route to the gig. Tickets go on sale at noon, July 5.


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