So I'm Single...

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So I'm Single...

Diverse comedy showcase Lemon Comedy will host a Valentine's Day special – and what could be funnier than love (or lack thereof)?

This Valentine's Day, do you want to listen to a parade of straight, white men bemoaning their lack of love or boasting of their sexual conquests? Or would you rather a diverse line-up of fabulously funny comedians laughing about love?

Enter Lemon Comedy, which celebrates comedians of colour, female-identifying and non-binary comedians, comedians from the LGBTQIA community and comedians with disabilities or mental illness. One of the world's most inclusive comedy nights, Lemon has put together a special Valentine's Day program led by a super-secret headliner who has performed on Rob Sitch's Utopia and at the MICF Gala. Lemon is keeping her name under wraps, but suffice it to say she's a household name. Other comedians on the night include Shahed Sharify, Aurelia St Clair and Andy Balloch. 

The night of sketch and stand-up comedy will celebrate — or perhaps that should be skewer — the horrorshow that is sometimes modern dating. If the idea of chocolates and roses and a night of staring into bae's eyes makes you break out in hives, this could be the Valentine's Day event for you.

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