Sonia di Iorio: Alone Wolf

Comedy, Stand Up
3 out of 5 stars
Sonia di Iorio, comedian

Candid tales of singledom from a Melbourne-based comic

Romance is an irrational mistress; she’ll happily let Rupert Murdoch find love with a former supermodel, but she’ll keep a witty, engaging performer like Sonia di Iorio on the shelf for a whole decade. At least di Iorio can mine her single status for comedy gold, which is something Murdoch has had to outsource to the rest of us.

Di Iorio’s new show, Alone Wolf, does just this; all the awkwardness and humiliation of being longterm single in a society that distrusts the uncoupled is exploited to hilarious effect. She frames her single life with an account of the last guy she attempted to date, someone ten years her junior who nonetheless proved more emotionally mature than her.

Most of di Iorio’s routine is straight up confessional stand-up, successful largely because of its candour. Occasionally she experiments with a more discursive, imaginative mode. Alone Wolf has a subplot involving cowboys, saloons and pistol whipping that proves delightful, even if it doesn’t entirely gel with the rest of the show.

The fantastical elements feel like an afterthought, which is a pity because they make for a solid one. Di Iorio shows some talent for absurdist non-sequiturs, and her show could easily accommodate more of them. As it stands, she’s more of a catch than she thinks, and her show is definitely worth catching.

By: Tim Byrne

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