Urzila Carlson: Man Up

Comedy, Stand Up
Comedian Urzila Carlson
Photographer: Michael Craig

The New Zealand favourite deconstructs gender roles at her fourth run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Urzila Carlson is a bit of a big deal in New Zealand right now. The award-winning comic won Best Female Comedian at 2014's New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards, and regularly appears on panel shows.

Carlson's past shows have followed her journey from South Africa to New Zealand and her thoughts on a society addicted to being outraged. This time, she'll discuss her experiences as being the quote-unquote 'father' in a same-sex relationship, and the inability of others to get their heads around her less conventional family.

Learn more about Urzila Carlson's (seemingly) effortless stand-up with Time Out's interview with the comedian.

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