Better Wetter

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Better Wetter

Let’s talk about sex, baby – water ballet troupe The Clams will be doing just that through the medium of water dance

Get ready to get wet – yes, in both senses. After making a splash (sorry, not sorry) with their menstruation-themed show Crimson Tide during Melbourne Fringe, water ballet troupe The Clams are ready to climax with a spanking new show Better Wetter. The show is an aquatic celebration of female sex – solo, with another or with each other, but always enthusiastic and always designed for her pleasure.

It’s probably more wholesome than it sounds – this isn’t porn, and bathers will be kept on at all times. The show, which is choreographed by Melbourne artists Holly Durant and Gabi Barton, is designed to be a celebration of good old-fashioned pleasure, not titillation or exploitation. The Clams say children are welcome, but that probably depends on your parenting style – it’s a show explicitly about sex, and you can (s)expect some swearing.

The Clams are an amateur outfit, so don’t expect an underwater stage spectacular. But if Crimson Tide is anything to go by, you should get ready for brilliant, splashy, sex-positive, feminist fun.

You should also bring your cossie and floaties and party with The Clams in the pool after the show. DJ Whiskey Houston will be spinning tunes poolside, and more acts will be announced soon.

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