High Performance Packing Tape

High Performance Packing Tape man upside down on packing tape bridge
Photograph: Jeff Still

Time Out says

Don't try this at home – or in your office

Maybe don't tell Betty the office manager about this one. Australian dance company Branch Nebula has created a wild show that combines the titular packing tape with a very brave performer in Lee Wilson.

Wilson climbs across bridges and hangs from ropes of the stuff. Will it hold? Is it strong enough to support his weight? The audience is never quite sure, and therein lies the kind of 'will he  make it?' excitement and tension found in death-deflying circus performances.

It's not all packing tape, either. Other common household and office items become trapezes, tightropes, towers and other circus props to assist Wilson in his delightfully weird performance. 

Visual artist Mickie Quick and sound artist Phil Downing have collaborated on the work to create an immersive world that puts the audience into the action. 


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