Le Sacré

Dance, Ballet
Le Sacre
Photograph: Aaron Walker

The worlds of dance and circus collide in an experimental new work

The National Institute of Circus Arts and the Australian Ballet School are coming together for the first time to present a work of athleticism, skill, acrobatics and grace, called Le Sacré. 

The story is inspired by Nijinsky and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, and the performance will be part-ballet, part-circus and entirely spectacular. The choreography includes elements of skipping ropes, Chinese pole, roué cyr (giant hoop), hula hoops and tightwire. 

Choreographing the show are NICA’s movement and performance coordinators, Zebastian Hunter and Meredith Kitchen, and the Australian Ballet School's resident choreographer, Simon Dow.

There will be 18 second-year circus performers from NICA and 26 level seven ballet students taking part in the show. 


Event website: http://www.nica.com.au
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