Photograph: Wayne Smith

Time Out says

An unlikely combination of heavy metal, throat singing and contemporary dance arrives for the Asia TOPA festival

A heavy metal choir from the underground Indonesian music scene makes their first appearance outside of their home country in this ambitious and boundary-pushing performance. Eight metalheads from Ensemble Tikoro will share the stage with Melbourne-based award-winning dance company Lucy Guerin Inc in the world premiere of Metal. The guys from Ensemble Tikoro hail from Bandung, a large city that sits between tea plantations and volcanoes at the foot of the active Tangkuban Perahu, embodying the idea of one world spilling into another. In Metal, heavy music and traditional throat singing will collide with contemporary Australian dance in a production that seeks to create new mythologies for a globalised world. Ensemble Tikoro have a motto: “And contemporary music for all” (a variation on And Justice for All, the fourth studio album from Metallica).



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