Pollen Revolution

A performer in traditional Kabuki costume dances in front of a turquoise background.
Photograph: Daido Hiroyasu

Time Out says

Legendary Japanese dance master Akira Kasai is bringing his masterpiece to Melbourne

Akira Kasai is a pioneer of butoh, a powerful and otherworldly form of Japanese dance theatre that emerged as the dust settled after World War II. In Pollen Revolution, Kasai choreographs his own son in an engaging solo performance that takes the audience on a surreal journey through cultures and artforms. The performer shifts between classical and modern forms of dance, from butoh to hip hop, and morphs from kabuki performer to street dancer as costumes are flung and gendered representations are dismantled. A tour-de-force work from an artist who continues to challenge and reshape his medium, Pollen Revolution comes to Asia TOPA as part of the Dancehouse Japan Focus program, along with Ruri Mito’s Matou and Takao Kawaguchi’s Good Luck



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