Hot Tub Cinema

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Hot Tub Cinema

This could be you

Or, this could be you, but with Mojitos, Martinis and awesome movies.

For six weeks, you'll have the chance to sink into a 40-degree inflatable hot tub with your mates, and watch a film while waiters and waitresses serve you food and beverage at The Common Man in South Wharf. To no one's surprise, the concept has taken off in New York and London – if there was ever a chance to feel like royalty (or at least, a D-list celebrity) it's this.

Excited? A little bit scared? If you're worried about brushing bodies against a stranger, then fear not: you can book a tub with your squad. And if you prefer your cinematic experiences dry, then you can do that, too.

Boardies and bikinis at the ready, Melbourne.

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