KOFFIA Korean Film Festival in Australia

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KOFFIA Korean Film Festival in Australia
Photograph: Courtesy KOFFIA
Train to Busan

Keep up with the lively offerings of Korea's thriving popular film industry at the seventh Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA)

The theme of KOFFIA this year is 'gujeolpan', which is a traditional Korean dish that incorporates wrapping several ingredients together. With this in mind, KOFFIA’s plan for this year’s festival is to bring diverse genres of Korean film together. There will be 19 new features screening and grouped into the genres of romcom, crime, horror, thriller, surrealism, documentary and family drama. In addition, there will be a unique opportunity to experience a 1934 silent film with a live band and narrator.

Here is the complete film line-up:

4th Place
Opening night’s offering is a coming-of-age sports film concerning an 11-year-old swimmer, Joon-ho, who hopes to become an Olympic medallist. 

Collective Invention
A man participates in a medical experiment gone wrong and ends up turning into a half-fish-half-man mutant in this social satire film.

This psycho-thriller tells the story of an office whose co-workers become psychologically pitted against one another after an employee slaughters his entire family and sneaks back into the office afterwards.

Alice in Earnestland
In this dark comedy, Alice struggles to pay the medical bills for her comatose husband, which leads her down a dark path towards violence and insanity.

The Priests
Two South Korean priests go up against an evil spirit that has possessed a young girl after a hit-and-run accident in this mystery thriller. 

Train to Busan
This zombie apocalypse film has a father and daughter fighting for their lives aboard a high speed train to Busan, their only way out.

A young woman is diagnosed with stomach cancer and decides she wants to have her entire life on film in this mockumentary drama. 

Like for Likes
This romcom follows six characters: a television writer who meets an actor, a nosy chef who meets a flight attendant and a composer who meets a producer.

Two Rooms, Two Nights
Two Rooms, Two Nights is a romcom in which a popular movie director gets wrapped up in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend when the lies start pouring out.

The Classified File
A crime procedural that brings a psychic and a detective together to find a missing child, this film is based on a real-life 33-day kidnapping case from 1978.

Inside Men
This political revenge thriller combines the power of the press, a congressman up for election and a prosecutor who is out to catch them all.

The Wailing
In this bloody supernatural suspense thriller a police officer investigates a spate of mysterious deaths in a peaceful village, linked to a mysterious Japanese man.

This action comedy follows a cop pursuing the third-in-line heir to a conglomerate whom he believes is a drug dealer. 

Set in 1933, this action adventure film is about a sniper commanded to complete an assassination that will change the course of history.

End of Winter
A family falls apart when the newly retired father informs everyone that he will be filing for divorce. 

The Throne
A notorious incident from Korean history inspired this drama about King Yeongjo and what lead him to kill his own son during the Joseon Dynasty (18th century). 

Right Now, Wrong Then
A playful drama that explores psychological and philosophical mysteries, Right Now, Wrong Then is a story of a man and woman who meet by accident and end up falling for each other. Halfway through, the story starts again from the beginning, but things seem different this time. 

A Crybaby Boxing Club
This documentary is about a boxing team at a Korean school in Japan who are fighting for their respective dreams but facing discrimination.

Crossroads of Youth
Korea’s oldest surviving silent film, made in 1934, has been remastered and has been touring the world with a live band and a ‘movie talker’ (byeonsa), who narrates and voices the characters. A story of betrayal, ambition, love and revenge, Crossroads of Youth is a film experience taking audiences right back to the early days of Korean cinema.

Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet
The Closing Night film is a drama about an artist out of synch with his times. A young Korean poet is living in Japan during the colonial era, when writing in Korean was prohibited. After nearly giving up on his poems, a Japanese professor sees his talent and suggests he submit his poems in English. 

By: Becky Feigin

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