Scream Queen Halloween Overnight Marathon

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A movie marathon paying tribute to vampires, witches and wicked women will keep you up all night

Fearsome and fearless females are in focus this Halloween as the Lido presents an all-night marathon of five classic horror movies on the Friday before All Hallows' Eve.

Fans can opt in for as many of the films as they want, with the full five-film pass costing $40. 

Things kick off a 11pm with Suspiria (1977), Dario Argento's famous giallo flick about an American student who arrives at a ballet school in Germany to find it overrun with a coven of witches. Evocative music by the band Goblin is only one unforgettable aspect of this trippy gorefest.

At 12.50am, settle in for The Vampire Lovers (1970), a production of Britain's famous Hammer Films studio notorious for 'bloodshed and bosoms'. Revolutionary for introducing sexuality to the genre, including lesbianism, the film stars Peter Cushing (Star Wars), Ingrid Pitt, Kate O'Mara and George Cole (Minder). 

What's a horror marathon without a little Stephen King? At 2.30am things get into gear with Christine (1983), based on King's novel published that same year about a killer car, a 1958 Plymouth Fury, that possesses its nerdy owner and murders his enemies. The late Harry Dean Stanton features in the cast.

Ginger Snaps (2000) at 4.30am is an obscure Canadian film about teenage goth sisters, one of whom transforms into a werewolf. This is a movie that takes the lycanthropy-as-puberty metaphor to levels unseen even on Buffy.

Then at the witching hour of 6.30am comes the Iranian hit A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014). Filmed in gorgeous black and white, this unique and atmospheric movie melds crime, western and vampire genres with a touch of romance.

This marathon of distaff terror takes place on Friday October 27 and tickets are on sale now. 

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