The Astor Theatre's 80th birthday

Film, Special screenings Free
The Astor Theatre turns 80
Hands Across the Table

Melbourne's beloved Art Deco icon becomes an octogenarian

We were shattered with the news that the Astor was closing it's doors last year and then elated when the Palace took over its keep, opening the grand old dame to the public once more. We're happy to end that rollercoaster of emotions with a party marking the Astor's 80th birthday.

To celebrate 80 years of quality, cult and kooky programming, the Astor returns to where it all began with a screening of Hands Across the Table (1935, dir. Mitchell Leisen) the screwball comedy with which it opened in 1936. Enjoy the free screening as it follows the adventures of two grifters looking to marry for money and mark the occassion with one of the Astor's top-shelf choc-tops.

Collect your tickets from 1pm onwards at the box office.




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