Tomorrow screening with Ladro and 3000 Acres

Film, Special screenings
Five filmmakers walking through a field
Photograph: Alexandre Leglise

Watch an award-winning film about living a more sustainable life at one of Melbourne's most eco-friendly restaurants

Interested in finding out how changes in your lifestyle could contribute to addressing some of the world's major crises? Join like-minded Melburnians at this special screening of Tomorrow at Prahran sustainable Italian eatery Ladro Tap, in partnership with community garden organisation 3000 Acres.

Tomorrow is a documentary that investigates all the creative ways that we can act on a local level to work towards a better future. Not only does the film explore alternative ways of living, but it also outlines the impact that our changes could make on global agriculture, economics, education and energy. Where other documentaries grappling with these topics depict a grim future, Tomorrow takes an optimistic approach to the years to come, if we start changing the way we live now. 

Your ticket to this screening will include a stand-up dinner before the movie from Ladro (who recycle 100 per cent of their organic waste), plus a chat afterwards. What's more, $10 from your ticket will go towards 3000 Acres in their quest to empower people to create community gardens and live more sunstainably.