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    Pure Wellness Studio
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    Pure Wellness Studio
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    Pure Wellness Studio
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Pure Wellness Studio

Detoxify, rejuvenate your skin and improve your circulation this winter, all under the warmth of infrared


Time Out says

Infrared therapy has taken the world of wellness by storm, renowned for its ability to detoxify, rejuvenate skin, relieve pain and help with relaxation. And, for all you cold Melbournians, did we mention it’s warm?

Tucked away in the heritage Century Building on Swanston Street, you’ll find Pure Wellness Studio, the CBD’s first dedicated infrared studio. Owner Nadia Hassan opened the studio in 2018 and has been offering the treatment to assist with a range of healing needs ever since, covering everything from stress relief through to weight loss. Infrared therapy offers the warmth that naturally comes from the sun minus the harmful UV rays, and unlike traditional saunas, penetrates deep into tissue and fat cells. 

As well as its detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits, infrared therapy also helps burn calories through sweat, boosts collagen production to slow down ageing and acts as a natural form of pain relief by reducing inflammation. As the icy chill of winter sets itself upon Melbourne, many people are now flocking to Pure Wellness Studio’s infrared saunas as they offer direct heat that you can bask in for up to 45 minutes. Yes, please. 

Nadia says, “We see a real mix of people coming through, including busy corporates who are looking to de-stress and athletes wanting to recover. Some like to read, listen to podcasts or even meditate during their sauna sessions.”

Book your infrared sauna treatment on the Pure Wellness Studio website.


The Century Building
Suite 607, level 6/125 Swanston Street
Opening hours:
Tue-Thu 10am-18pm; Fri 10am-19pm; Sat 10am-17pm
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