Brickman Awesome

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Brickman Awesome
Photograph: Supplied

The interactive Brickman exhibition at Melbourne Museum includes a never-before-seen life-size car made entirely of Lego

A life-size car, crocodile and motorcycle are among the 39 Lego models that make up Brickman Awesome. The exhibition is made up of more than two million Lego bricks and took more than 5000 hours to build. 

Melburnians will be the first Lego lovers in the world to see the life-size Toyota Camry, and none of the models has ever been seen in Melbourne before. The final car will be 616 Lego studs long, 230 Lego studs wide and will weigh more than a tonne.

Also keep an eye out for the 60kg saltwater crocodile, which comprises more than 40,000 Lego bricks. For sci-fi fans, there will be a model DeLorean from Back to the Future and a life-size TARDIS from Dr Who (no word yet on whether it is bigger on the inside). Visitors of all ages will be able to build their own time machines and display them alongside the Brickman models. 

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