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Time Out Says

Malvern’s new museum actively encourages kids to get hands-on with the exhibits

Remember being told as a kid that you could be anything you wanted? Interaxcity is a new children’s museum where your little rascals (and their wild imaginations) actually run the show. 

Creator Melissa Blumenthal got the idea for Interaxcity after visiting children’s museums in the United States – the calibre of which impressed her. She says Interaxcity is about “taking it back old school by learning through play – the only tears we have is when it comes time to leave”.

The 200-square-metre space is designed to resemble a city. Within this mini metropolis, kids can take (imaginary) flight and land at the city’s airport before delving into the many activities. There’s a construction site, florist, medical centre, service station and supermarket – each exhibit is as real as possible to maximise the fun. 

Tykes can learn how to take orders at a restaurant, make change with pretend money at the supermarket or construct the Eureka Tower or Forum Theatre using blocks and their own imagination. There’s even a post office created in collaboration with Australia Post where children can write and deliver their letters throughout the city.

The tasks were designed in collaboration with early childhood educators and feature prompts on the wall for any young ’uns who get stuck. Through games and make-believe, kids can garner a better understanding of letters, numbers and pictures as well as interpersonal skills like sharing and compromise. 

Visits take place over 90-minute sessions (bookings are recommended), and kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Blumenthal says the museum caters to children between 12 months and eight years old. “You can engage at whatever age you are, and each gets something different out of this experience.”

Written by
Steven Otani


1a Cawkwell St
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 9.30am-4.15pm
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