Prehistoric VR

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Prehistoric VR at ACMI
Photograph: Steven Woodburn

Drop to the bottom of the deepest prehistoric oceans in ACMI's immersive VR experience for families

The strange and terrifying fish that live in the darkest depths of the ocean today have nothing on the freaky creatures that roamed the seas 200 million years ago. Back in prehistoric times, the seas were home to all sorts of odd animals, from the plesiosaurus (a huge marine reptile that looks like the Loch Ness Monster) to the paracyclotosaurus, which resembles a two-metre long salamander. 

These school holidays, ACMI is offering kids and adults the chance to explore the world's ancient oceans in a 360-degree virtual reality experience. Prehistoric VR is the brainchild of Australian company Erth Visual & Physical Inc, who create live experiences using large-scale puppetry. These puppets will become part of the VR journey as participants encounter bioluminescent jellyfish, sea reptiles and even sharp-toothed anglerfish (below) swimming around them. 


Prehistoric VR is part of ACMI's mission to commission and support the best in cutting-edge virtual reality. During the school holidays, ACMI will also launch a dedicated VR Lounge inside their permanent exhibition, Screen Worlds. The lounge will feature a rotating selection of new VR works, with the first being a mystical fairy tale called The Turning Forest by VR company VRTOV.


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