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Steve Irwin
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Visit Sea Shepherd's whale defence vessel the Steve Irwin every Sunday until July 1

Ever wanted to know what it is like to live aboard a Sea Shepherd ship? You can get your chance in Williamstown for the next month, with the conservation organisation running free tours of the Steve Irwin from now until July. 

The tours are kid-friendly, and they are a great way to find out more about the organisation and its volunteers. Tour groups of up to 20 people will visit several areas of the ship, from the aft deck to the helicopter hangar and onto the bridge. You can even see the mess hall. 

Volunteers run the tours and will provide a history of the 43-year-old ship and the organisation's mission. Tours are on a rolling basis, and they take about 30 minutes. There will also be a merch stall, in case you want one of those skull-and-crossed-trident/shepherd's crook bumper stickers, and there will be a bake sale as well. 

The Steve Irwin is anchored in Williamstown until July 1, after which it will be travelling north to protest against the Adani coal mine. 

By: Cassidy Knowlton


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