The Hunting of the Snark

The Hunting of the Snark
Photograph: Supplied

Go on a voyage to find the mythical Snark, a creature straight from the pages of Lews Carroll.

Seen the Wonderland exhibition and can’t get enough Lewis Carroll?

Head down to Arts Centre Melbourne for a steampunk musical adaptation of his famous poem ‘Hunting of the Snark’. In this telling, a Snark has been spotted on a remote island, and a band of adventurers sets out to capture it and reap the rewards. These include a little boy, a beaver who knits, a baker with memory issues and a world expert on Snarks.

These friends encounter a thieving Baldersnatch, a bloodthirsty butcher and the terrifying Boojum. Take the kids for a thrilling tale of rollicking hijinks.


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