Bush Mechanics: The Exhibition

Bush Mechanics Melbourne Museum 2018 photo credit: Andre Castellucci
Photograph: Andre Castellucci

This exhibition based on the popular TV show of the same name shows the ingenuity of outback mechanics

The Australian outback can still be a pretty unforgiving place to people and motor vehicles alike. So what do you do if you find yourself stranded in the bush without access to all the tools and technology you need to get back on the road? The ABC’s 2001 TV series Bush Mechanics profiled five Warlpiri men who travelled through the outback in some rather ramshackle vehicles. But thanks to branches, spinifex and sand (and plenty of ingenuity and inventiveness), they always managed to get themselves back on the road.

Their work and vehicles are profiled in this exhibition developed by the National Motor Museum in close collaboration with the Warlpiri community.

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