100 Keyboards

1000 Keyboard - Melbourne Festival 2018 - photo supplied
Photograph: Supplied

Experimental sound artist Asuna will perform with 100 plastic keyboards for Melbourne Festival

A cheap plastic keyboard mightn't make a particularly impressive sound, but you'd be amazed what happens when 100 of them join forces. That's the sonic experience Japanese sound artist Asuna conjures up in this site specific work being performed at the Substation as part of Melbourne Festival.

The keyboards all play the same note, and you start to hear minor harmonic and acoustic variations across the soundscape. The effect becomes more and more mesmerising as it goes on.

Melbourne Festival artistic director Jonathan Holloway said: "One of two major Japanese artists in this year’s Festival, Asuna’s playful and exploratory music is just a cathedral of sound. What better place to have that amount of thrumming musical energy than Melbourne’s own Substation in Newport."

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