Dance, Dance! The Wiggles Big Show!

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The Wiggles

Hop into your Big Red Car and get set for a brand new show by kids' entertainment royalty

This year, The Wiggles are celebrating 25 years. You probably remember Greg, Murray, sleepy Jeff and Anthony; but these days, it's all about Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony. Rest assured that the group are still as bouncy, silly and finger-pointy as ever: they still perform hits like 'Hot Potato' and hang out with their mates Dorothy the Dinosaur and Henry the Octopus. Feeling nostalgic yet?

Dance, Dance! is a brand new show by the new line-up, but will feature plenty of classics. Whether you're a '90s kid or a parent of huge Wiggles fans, move fast: these tickets will sell like hot potatoes.

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