Drummer Queens

A woman wearing a white singlet, black wrist cuffs and a short spiky hair cut looms over a drum kit, mid performance
Photograph: David Hooley

Time Out says

Feel the beat when this all women drumming crew come to Melbourne

Hear that distant drumbeat? That's the sound of live musical performers, the Drummer Queens, pounding their way into Melbourne this autumn. The all-women percussion troupe brings together various styles of drumming for a commanding and theatrical performance. Think Tap Dogs or Stomp but led by eight amazing female drummers. 

Naturally, Drummer Queens features a lot of drumming, but the show is more than that, integrating elements of choreography and theatre into the performance. Whereas most drummers are relegated to the back of the stage, creator Joe Accaria has strived to put drumming front and centre in a production where you can't pull your eyes away. Drummer Queens features an original score of music composed by Accaria, with performances highlighting a range of drums and percussion instruments and inspired by artists like Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

Starring Georgia Anderson, Peta Anderson, Stef Furnari, Niki Johnson, Salina Myat, Lisa Purmodh, Claudia Wherry and Ned Wu (plus swing performers Sasha Lian Diaz and Astrid Holz), Drummer Queens is suitable for all ages. Be warned: you leave wanting to buy a drum kit. 


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