Dustin Tebbutt

Music, Folk, country and blues
Dustin Tebbutt

Embrace all the feels with this NSW crooner with the sweet voice

A few years ago, Dustin Tebbutt moved to Sweden for two years to write and record music. It's probably fair to say that the moody surrounds of the Scandinavian country still influence him to this day as he tours his debut album First Light around Australia. Part-J. Tillman, part-Justin Vernon's Bon Iver, Tebbutt's sound is all about embracing the tender parts of you, so don't be surprised if you find yourself in a teary state at his show. Expect songs like his breakthrough single 'The Breach', a heartfelt track inspired by a painful break-up, as well as newer tracks that celebrate getting back on your feet.

Supported by Robbie Miller and Woodes. 

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