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Emma Louise

Ahead of her national tour, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter takes five to talk about her second album, Supercry

You’ve said previously that you weren’t sure if you’d go back to the music industry after releasing your first album, vs Head vs Heart in 2013. What made you return to create Supercry
I realised that not to do music would be really wrong. I’ve been given these gifts, this opportunity of doing music, and I think this is why I’m here. When I realised that it took the pressure off a lot of things. I thought, ‘it’s time, I’ve just gotta make music’. 

Some of the songs on Supercry are about travel and being away from people. Is travel something that inspires you to write?
I did end up on lots of adventures, whether it was through relationships or solo journeying. I guess I learned a lot through that about myself, and I had some space to think. 

And when you recorded Supercry, were there new things you wanted to try in the studio?
With the first album, I was scared to play any of the instruments. This time, my producer said, ‘you play it!’ That was really empowering and boosted my confidence. I was able to express myself more. 

You’ve also painted the cover art for your releases…
When I’m not doing music, I need to be doing something else or I get a bit lost. That’s where painting happens – I’ve fallen in love with painting!

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