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Five Melbourne producers you should know about

Melbourne's music scene is packed with talented electronic music producers of different strains
Oscar Key Sung

Melbourne's club scene is responsible for cultivating some serious electronic talent, and a good chunk of the producers we've included below made a start doing DJ spots at house parties and underground clubs before they'd even started a SoundCloud account. Treat your ears to the homegrown sounds of Melbourne's smoothest producers. 

1. András

András, previously known as Andras Fox, is a frequent collaborator with fellow Melbourne musos like Oscar Key Sung (they put out two releases titled Embassy Café and Café Romantica, named after two classic Melbourne cafés). A regular at house club nights, András most recently released ambient record 69 under Wilson Tanner with Perth producer John Tanner.

2. Harvey Sutherland

No surprises if a tiny bub in Melbourne was conceived to Harvey Sutherland’s sexy as heck sets in the last couple of years. The producer and DJ used to be a session musician and he’s now busting out synth-heavy techno sets that mixes in '70s funk and Italo disco influences.

3. Able 8

Chances are, you’ve heard an Able8 track or two without realising it. His fusion of hip-hop, bass-heavy EDM and dubstep has become something of a defining sound for electronic-leaning Melbourne bars like Fitzroy Black Cat and Howler in Brunswick. Part of the Operatives crew of producers, Able8 is also a label curator for the Melbourne-based Uncomfortable Beats.

4. Lucian Blomkamp

Quickly on the rise, this Lucian Blomkamp’s moody, heaving tracks are made for swaying to at a smoky, dingy club while the bass jolts you awake at 2am. The classically-trained producer released his sophomore LP Bad Faith in March, and while it didn’t garner as much hype as it should have, we’re going to make the call that it the pulsating, emotive tracks should be compulsory listening this winter.

5. Oscar Key Sung

It may not be accurate to call Oscar Key Sung the Drake of Melbourne’s music scene, but this is a vocalist/producer with a heart of gold. His Altruism EP was dominated by slow-burning RnB love songs like ‘Brush’ where he croons “Aren’t you sick of men thinking you need them to tell who you are… I don’t wanna be that guy”. We can’t wait until a full album comes out.

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