Hitchcock & Herrmann

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Hitchcock & Herrmann

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will be presenting the music that made Alfred Hitchcock's films an iconic part of film history at Hitchcock & Hermann. As part of their 2016 program, the MSO is presenting this special Australian premiere event will combine the century’s most suspenseful music by composer Bernard Hermann with iconic cinematic imagery from Hitchcock's filmography.

The show conductor Benjamin Northey says the show is designed to shine a new light on the impact of Hermann's scores in Hitchcock films.

Hitchcock, famous for his psychological thrillers genres, worked with US composer Bernard Herrmann on eight of his films. The show will feature footage from the movies Vertigo, Psycho, North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much and The Trouble With Harry.

The concert will see Hamer Hall converted into a light show theatre, bringing Hitchcock’s classic films to life.

Tickets can be purchased now at the MSO website.