Listen Conference 2016: Feminist Futures

Ella Thompson
Photograph: Riley Clarke

A feminist music conference featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and live gigs

The Listen conference returns this year for yet another valuable opportunity for musicians, music industry workers, and listeners alike to engage in constructive discussion on topics and ideas relating to feminism, gender, creativity, writing, performing, and more. 

This year's central theme is: Feminist Futures and the panels throughout the three-day conference will be debating and discussing issues that influence artists' relationships to making music, the pros and cons of 'call out culture', race and sexism in music, and more. 

Keynotes this year will be presented by American writer, performance artist and activist Alok Vaid-Menon (DarkMatter), and Melbourne-based writer and cultural commentator Clementine Ford. Other panellists include writers, musicians, performers, industry workers, cultural commentators and more, see the full list on the Listen conference website. 

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