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A woman in a floor-length tulle pink dress appears to sing loudly in a small, blue-lit room
Photograph: © Pia Johnson

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Victorian Opera's Green Room Award-winning tale is back to take on an ancient Greek myth

The Greek myth of the Sirens, seductive women who sit on the rocks and lure men to their deaths through their enchanting song, has long been ripe for a contemporary feminist reimagining. Luckily for us, Victorian Opera agree.

Lorelei was first presented to the world in 2018, where it questioned the patriarchy while bringing the house down. The titular Lorelei (Ali McGregor, Dimity Shepherd and Antoinette Halloran) are three sirens who decide they have had enough of the death and destruction. Why must men die because of them? And can the Lorelei help being so beautiful? 

With music from Julian Langdon (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Ballet) and a libretto by Gillian Cosgriff and Casey Bennetto (Keating!), Lorelei sold out during its inaugural season. And while the music is spectacular, this production is almost worth going to for the costumes alone, with designer Marg Howell drawing inspiration from Met Gala gowns.

Lorelei plays at the Palais Theatre June 30 to July 2.

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