Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Presents: Hitchcock & Herrmann

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Presents: Hitchcock & Herrmann

A celebration of the masters of suspence

The soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock's films are almost as if not more famous than his screen sirens and suspenseful scripts. Some of his most iconic work lends their success to the formidable, commanding music of Bernard Herrmann, a name not as easily recognised.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will play homage to this great collaboration early next year with a performance that features the cinematic imagery of seven of Hitchcock’s films, alongside a live performance of Herrmann’s score. It will feature footage and music from Vertigo (1958), The Trouble with Harry (1955), North By Northwest (1959), Marnie (1964), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), The Wrong Man (1956) and of course, Psycho (1960).

Conductor Benjamin Northey said this concert will shine a new light on the impact of the music in Hitchcock’s films.

The celebration of these masters of suspense will also feature a special light show, further exploring the expressionist work of Hitchcock and his infatuation between lightness and shadow.


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