Mia Dyson and Jess Rebeiro

Music, Folk, country and blues
Mia Dyson

Two of Melbourne's alt-country icons team up for a killer night of tunes and special guests

One of the Brunswick Music Festival's highlights sees Mia Dyson's whiskey steeped and gravel buffed voice offset by Jess Rebeiro's twinkly melodies at the Estonian House. If your not au fait with Dyson do yourself a favour and have a listen to her duly-feted 2014 album Idyllwild, starting with 'Crazy Horse' and tide yourself over to the gig with Dyson's new EP, Right There, co-written with husband and poet Karl Linder (due out Friday February 12). The self-effacing Karl S. Williams (the dude will happily tell stories about setting fire to his own beard) plays support with his brand of swamp, blues, folk and soul. 

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