The Manganiyar Seduction

The Manganiyar Seduction Arts Centre Melbourne 2018 photo supplied
Photograph: Supplied

This globally celebrated concert from Rajasthan features more than 40 musicians performing in a 36-window ‘jewel box’

This mesmerising musical performance premiered in 2006 and has toured the world to glowing reviews and enthralled audiences ever since then. It’s the work of director Roysten Abel, who founded the Indian Shakespeare Company, and features traditional Manganiyar music. The songs were written hundreds of years ago to be performed for royalty, but they’ve evolved significantly over time as their audiences has grown.

Despite the ancient music, the performance style is very contemporary and visually engrossing. The musicians sit inside four storeys of red-curtained windows, which illuminate as they play. As more musicians join the ensemble, the windows glow and pulsate to the infectious rhythms of the music.

By: Ben Neutze


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