The Tarantinos present Pulp Fiction

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The Tarantinos present Pulp Fiction

I love you honey bunny

It's been over 21 years since Quentin Tarantino's second movie, Pulp Fiction, forever changed the way we saw John Travolta and Bruce Willis. As with all of Tarantino's outings, the movie had a killer soundtrack with everything from Dick Dales' surfin' classic 'Misirlou' to Kool and the Gang's dirty funk on 'Jungle Boogie'. Join with some of Melbourne's finest musos as they don sharp suits and skinny ties and rip through the entire soundtrack during another Brunswick Music Festival highlight.

Dress up as one of the movie's collection of social outsiders to go in the running for best dressed or cut a rug during the Jack Rabbit Slim twist contest. You can squabble with your mates later about the best tune and what was in the suitcase.


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