The Target has Disappeared

Generic violin
Photograph: Time Out

[Sponsored] Hear what happens when a baroque violinist meets a installation artist

Join Natasha Anderson and Elizabeth Welsh for an evening of baroque violin twisted experimentally with electronic music, video and text. The Target Has Disappeared is playing for one show only as part of the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music happening from September 7 to 9. 

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Welsh is a baroque violinist who's played with a number of orchestras both in Australia and overseas. She'll be teaming up with composer and installation artist Natasha Anderson, who has previously exhibited at MONA FOMA, the NGV, NCCA (Darwin), Studio 14 (Paris) and at Vivid Festival. The Target Has Disappeared will combine each artist's passions using baroque violin as a focus and weaving through electronic music and video content. 


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