Xiu Xiu plays the music of Twin Peaks

Xiu Xiu

Hear the music from David Lynch’s seminal television show performed by American experimental group Xiu Xiu

The music of Twin Peaks defies traditional music made for television. Its signature synth-heavy instrumentation is intertwined with an all-encompassing hint of melancholia and darkness. Experimental and polarizing American group Xiu Xiu share a similar sensibility – one that lies heavily on cacophony and experimentation. Bringing these two together seems as natural as coffee and cherry pie.

In two special live performances, Xiu Xiu will be taking on the music of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, famously composed by Lynch’s long-time collaborator Angelo Badalamenti.

But Xiu Xiu’s performance won’t just be a simple recreation of Badalamenti’s compositions – it will be an entirely new interpretation that will emphasise the drama, fear, noise and chaos. Basically, it will feel like stepping into David Lynch’s plastic-wrapped brain and throwing a party.

On Thursday June 22, Xiu Xiu will be playing a double bill show with Italian composer Alessandro Cortini, best known for his dreamy synth compositions and for touring with Nine Inch Nails. The following night Xiu Xiu will be joined by Sarah Davachi, an accomplished researcher of electronic music and recording media who explores aspects of experimentation and perception.

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