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You can do a Harry Potter-inspired escape room in Melbourne

Rebecca Russo

Let’s face it: Melbourne is pretty obsessed with escape rooms. Attempting to get out of rooms by solving puzzles has gone from a bizarre concept to a popular pastime. But while many Melbourne escape rooms are themed around particularly gruesome or scary ideas, one CBD escape room has upped the ante.

At TRAPT Bar and Escape Room you can play a Harry Potter-inspired escape room called Alchemy. The goal of Alchemy is to find the mythical Philosopher’s Stone, the elixir of life, and Nicholas Flamel’s favourite piece of bling. Punters will be able to practise spells and enchantments and test magical skills inside the room to try to solve the mystery before the time runs out.

TRAPT has listed the difficulty level of this room at beginner, so we reckon even Hufflepuffs will be able to beat the clock. And, obviously, it must be said: this escape room is only ~inspired~ by Harry Potter, because, ya know, copyright. 

We’re a big fan of TRAPT, having experienced its Cold War-inspired room recently. Probably the biggest incentive for beating the clock there is the cocktails available at the adjoining bar. The low-lit basement bar is a speakeasy-style den with cocktails sorted by each escape room theme. It’s loads of fun.

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