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A new $1.5 million jellyfish exhibit has landed at Melbourne Aquarium

Claire Ang

This summer, be prepared for a stunning display of jellyfish at the Aquarium’s brand-new Ocean Invaders exhibit. Launched on December 12 at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, this new $1.5 million jellyfish exhibition features a number of new jellyfish species never before seen at the Aquarium.

Spread out over 300 square metres and three different interactive zones, you can expect to see species such as the upside-down jellyfish (cassiopea andromeda), blue blubber jellyfish (catostylus mosaicus), lion’s mane jellyfish (cyanea capillata) and sea nettles (chrysaora melanaster). 

Visitors will be able to take a peek at how the Aquarium staff tend to these sometimes dangerous sea creatures, plus you can crawl through a cylindrical tank filled with oscillating jellyfish and create a digital jellyfish that comes alive on an interactive wall. 

You can also find out more about the science behind jellyfish and why we're seeing an increased population of certain species of jellyfish in the ocean. You'll even learn how you can help limit the sometimes problematic population increases. 

Ocean Invaders is a permanent exhibition and entry is included in the admission price. It's now open.

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