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A large red moon over the Webb Bridge in Melbourne
Photograph: Mark Walsh / Flickr

A pink super moon will be visible across Australia this April

It's the first of two super moons happening in 2021

Nic Dowse

Turn your gaze skywards this autumn folks, because there's going to be a lot of see. A pink super moon is gracing skies across Australia this April, the first of two super moons occurring during 2021.

On Tuesday, April 27 you'll be able to see a pink super moon in the sky. But despite its name, this extra big, extra-bright moon won't actually be pink – the name comes from pink phlox that blooms in the US at this time of year. 

A super moon is a name given to a full (or new) moon that occurs when the moon is also at its closest point to Earth (this state is called perigee). Super moons are reasonably rare, happening roughly once every 12 to 14 months; though this year we're lucky to get two supermoons, with the second one visible just one month after the first.

The second supermoon is occurring on Wednesday, May 26. This supermoon is notable because it will also be a total lunar eclipse, which will turn it into a super blood moon. The eclipse begins at 6.47pm AEST and will peak at 9.18pm. Unlike the pink moon, this blood moon will actually be a reddish colour due to Earth's umbra (the darkest, most central part of Earth's shadow) covering the moon. Being able to see both astral events, however, is of course dependant on clear skies. 

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