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A rainbow painting in a window
Photograph: Nicola Dowse

Australians have started painting rainbows everywhere to raise spirits

Nicola Dowse
Written by
Nicola Dowse

If you’ve been seeing rainbows everywhere from your social media feeds to your local streets, you’re not alone. Children across the world, including Australia, have started making rainbow artworks to raise spirits (and let's be honest, keep themselves busy) during the coronavirus shutdowns. 

The rainbow works are often hung in windows or drawn on sidewalks in chalk. Here are a few the Time Out team has spotted just walking around our neighbourhoods.

A rainbow drawn with chalk on the sidewalk, message says 'all you need is love'

Photograph: Rebecca Russo

Rainbow painting on a window

Photograph: Rebecca Russo

Rainbow chalk drawing

Photograph: Rebecca Russo

The trend started in Italy, where coronavirus has infected more than 130,000 people. During the ongoing nation-wide lockdowns, children started drawing rainbows with the tagline “andrà tutto bene” which means “everything will be alright”. 

Locally, a Facebook group called Rainbow Trail Australia has been collating the nation’s multicoloured works. It currently boasts more than 130,000 members who share photos of their rainbow creations – everything from bedroom murals to chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

You can find more rainbow creations by following #rainbowtrailaustralia or #rainbowtrail on Instagram, joining Rainbow Trail Australia on Facebook, or just going for a walk around your neighbourhood (just make sure you’re obeying current social distancing rules).

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